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"Into the Water", a Lord of the Rings video

I am done, and dammit I am posting this video before the new year. Because it is DONE, and I am not taking it with me into the new decade. DAMN this thing took a long time to make. Seriously.

This video would not be here without atlantisgrrrl. She has been almost as invested in this video as I am. Her feedback is amazing, and even better she is more than willing to keep up a conversation, full of questions and comments and suggestions. She helped make this video. My love for her is too strong to put into words. ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you darling, I truly appreciate everything.

So! Here is the video! It's about some short guy and a ring or something.

Song: "The Captain and Hourglass" by Laura Marling
Source: The Lord of the Rings
Summary: Well I fell into the water, / and now I'm free. Frodo's journey, and the weight of the world.
Download: mediafire; .wmv, 43.1mb
Streaming: BAM / Vimeo; password: frodo

Password: frodo

I love talking shop, so if anyone is interesting in discussing this vid, or my other vid, or vidding in general, drop me a line! I promise not to bite.
Tags: fandom: lord of the rings, lj: vidding, lj: video
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