Lime (tehlime) wrote,

Salute, Nyota Uhura (Star Trek Into Darkness)

I made a video! In almost one day! I apologize for the cam-quality footage, hopefully people will enjoy the video regardless. Cross-posted on my tumblr and dreamwidth. Yeah! (This is also definitely un-betaed, I apologize if it shows!)

Source: Star Trek Into Darkness
Song: Salute by Azealia Banks
Summary: Nyota Uhura. "Mami I’m no rookie / already the champion."

Download: box / mediafire; .avi, 12.3mb
Streaming: Vimeo

Salute from tehlime on Vimeo.

Louis Vuitton on the hook
Wang’s in ‘em
A good shoe for a bad bitch
Fuck with her
Eating with Jimmy Iovine
Lunch with her
She’s a get-money bunny
Jump with her

Bum bitches, bite my style, Dracula
Wear your Wu-Tang fangs
Novocane from Frankie

Your gonna need some backin’ up
Super-save these hoes
Cape Town, Africa
Catch me in N.Y, Uptown, the Battles up
Ponys and polo hoodies
All ready to saddle up
Mami I’m no rookie, already the champion
Boobie you not pretty, you lookin’ like a regular
Blonde cuties, space cadets, astronauts
Most niggas booty or Britneys or Ericas
Come and get me, et cetera, et cetera
Any challenge I bet I wet ‘em up
Beret is up

Salute, What’s good
Salute a bad bitch you should
Salute, What’s good
Salute a bad bitch you should
Tags: fandom: star trek, lj: vidding, lj: video
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